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Cleaning up Fuel Emissions: From Detroit, a fix for smog-belching motorcycles

DETROIT ( — When Americans debate the impact of fuel emissions on the environment, they usually talk about cars and trucks. But what about smaller vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, lawnmowers and ATVs? Riding a lawn tractor for just an hour spits out as much pollution you’d get from driving a car for hundreds of miles, […]

Kyle Schwulst, President and CEO of Electrojet, Inc.

China approved European emissions standards in July of 2007 which put Electrojet, Inc. on a mission to ensure cleaner emissions. There are two Chinese “scooters” on the dynamometers, not far away stands a prototype all-terrain vehicle (ATV), and also the “to do” project list are parts for an un-piloted reconnaissance aircraft for the Defense Department. […]