Get advance engine controls for your one and two cylinder engine applications with ElectroJet.  Whether it’s 2, 3 or 4 wheels, on road or off, ElectroJet can provide world class engine management features at a competitive price.  Leveraging the flexibility of our USE ECU, ElectroJet is able to provide this high level of performance and value, near seamlessly, to a broad range of applications, from motorcycles to range extender technologies.

ElectroJet understands the transportation market is a cost sensitive one, but it still demands some of the most refined engine control algorithms available — transportation is the market ElectroJet was founded to address. Building on our experience in the automotive sector, we’ve grown expertise in this market which has allowed us to develop the USE ECU.  We believe this product has the capability and flexibility to meet the challenges common in the transportation market.

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Get advance engine control applications for your one and two cylinder engine applications with ElectroJet.

Common packaging, uncommon performance

Utility Engines/Recreational Products

ElectroJet can be an effective partner even in the exceptionally cost sensitive utility engine market.  We can provide a solution that meets your performance metrics and cost requirements, while maintaining your stringent emissions targets.  As is well known, carbon monoxide (CO) is dangerous, not just for the environment, but also for the operators of engines used in generators and lawn tractors.  The risks of CO poisoning may soon lead to new legislation, requiring exceptionally low CO emissions from these products. For these reasons, ElectroJet has been working together with our customers to meet their low CO goals.  Together we can provide a robust and safe product to your customers.

Of course, it is not just generators and lawn tractors that can see the benefits of ElectroJet engine managements systems.  Our systems can improve the start ability and performance of your handheld power equipment as well.  These applications require exceptionally small packaging and low cost, and ElectroJet is the partner you can count on to meet these goals.  ElectroJet is currently developing an ECU specifically for these applications, with a feature set specifically tailored to this market.


Our design approach for this product allowed us to reduce the size and cost of the ECU considerably.  This means you’ll get the same world class engine control in a fraction of the space and at a price point that accommodates your budget.

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Connect your engine to the outside world

Military Products

ElectroJet brings value to government and defense projects as well.  With our rich history of providing engine management systems for government projects, we’re experienced and ready to meeting the demanding requirements of these applications.  And as always, any unique requirements of your project will be met with ElectroJet’s flexibility and technical excellence.

For UAVs, we provide a lightweight, robust engine management system which will meet the strictest of electrical power consumption requirements.  You’ll be able to gain extra flight time with the increased fuel economy and accurate fuel consumption reporting that our system can provide.

ElectroJet is also experienced in multi-fuel applications.  Why be limited to just one fuel, when you can have the ability to adapt to what is available?  It’s as simple as flipping a switch, and you can support several of the most common fuels used in the field.


Have a unique requirement, or an application for an electronic control unit that isn’t the standard fare?  No problem, ElectroJet’s technical excellence is able to provide meaningful value to any project requiring electronic control.

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