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Cleaning up Fuel Emissions: From Detroit, a fix for smog-belching motorcycles

DETROIT ( — When Americans debate the impact of fuel emissions on the environment, they usually talk about cars and trucks. But what about smaller vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, lawnmowers and ATVs? Riding a lawn tractor for just an hour spits out as much pollution you’d get from driving a car for hundreds of miles, […]

Kyle Schwulst, President and CEO of Electrojet, Inc.

China approved European emissions standards in July of 2007 which put Electrojet, Inc. on a mission to ensure cleaner emissions. There are two Chinese “scooters” on the dynamometers, not far away stands a prototype all-terrain vehicle (ATV), and also the “to do” project list are parts for an un-piloted reconnaissance aircraft for the Defense Department. […]

Magneti Marelli

TROY – Automation Alley announced Friday that ElectroJet, an Automation Alley member company, has formalized a partnership agreement with Magneti Marelli to produce and market an engine control system that can be fitted on two and three-wheel vehicles. ElectroJet, based in Brighton, began working with Automation Alley in 2006. The company was the recipient of […]

Magneti Marelli and the American company ElectroJet have signed a partnership agreement aimed at producing and marketing an engine control system thanks to which electronic injection can be fitted on 2 and 3-wheel vehicles simply and cheaply. The solution is addressed in general to all motorbike manufacturers worldwide, and its specific objective is the large […]

FLINT, Michigan — They are Kettering University graduates who left jobs with the Big Three for a dream to do something bigger than engineering. And what started as work in a Michigan pole barn has grown into Brighton-based engineering design firm ElectroJet –and it has gone global. Now the group of Kettering alumni are preparing […]

ElectroJet Earned Four Land Speed Records during Speed Week

ElectroJet broke four land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flatsusing the company’s electronic fuel injection system in two Chinese motorcycles during Speed Week Aug. 8 through 14. Kyle Schwulst ’02, owner and CEO of ElectroJet and a 2002 graduate of Kettering University, and his team undertook setting speed records to prove that motorcycles “can […]