Eco-friendly electronic injection for Small Engines

January 21st, 2015

Magneti Marelli and the American company ElectroJet have signed a partnership agreement aimed at producing and marketing an engine control system thanks to which electronic injection can be fitted on 2 and 3-wheel vehicles simply and cheaply.

The solution is addressed in general to all motorbike manufacturers worldwide, and its specific objective is the large Asian two-wheeler market, with special focus on India and China, where approximately 30 million vehicles are manufactured each year.

By combining their respective technological know-how, ElectroJet and Magneti Marelli can launch on the market a solution that fits the components of an electronic engine control system (injector, pump, control electronics, air metering body) into a device whose shape and size are similar to those of a simple carburettor. As a result, this system requires little modification to small-sized engines typically used in Asian motorcycles, at the same time ensuring a noticeable improvement in fuel supply efficiency and a reduction in emitted pollutants.

Introducing the electronic injection on small-sized engines is functional in terms of the new regulations limiting the amount of pollutants emitted by 2 and 3-wheel vehicles currently enforced in various markets. In terms of technological evolution, the adoption of said standards may have an impact similar to the one generated for automobiles by the gradual introduction of Euro I and Euro II directives between 1991 and 1996, which caused millions of vehicles to go through the revolutionary technological change from carburettor to electronic injection.

The cooperation between Magneti Marelli and ElectroJet is geared towards encouraging the same technological leap for 2 and 3-wheel vehicles, on key markets such as Asia, through a device that combines technology, simplicity, and easy implementation.

Specifically, according to the partnership Magneti Marelli is to provide the design with an emphasis on design-to-cost, facilities and machinery, sales network, and technological know-how in the Powertrain area, while ElectroJet will share its industry know-how, innovative designs, and patented technologies in the area of control systems intended for small-sized engines.

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