Engineering Company Snags International Niche

January 21st, 2015

FLINT, Michigan — They are Kettering University graduates who left jobs with the Big Three for a dream to do something bigger than engineering.

And what started as work in a Michigan pole barn has grown into Brighton-based engineering design firm ElectroJet –and it has gone global.

Now the group of Kettering alumni are preparing to show off their small-engine fuel systems that can reduce emissions in motorcycles at Speed Week in the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah — which has been dubbed a “Mecca” for enginerds.

CEO Kyle Schwulst, a 2002 Kettering graduate who held positions with Visteon Corporation and Ford Motor Company, is in China on business and could not be reached.

ElectroJet is working with partners in China, where motorcycles and scooters — which can reduce emissions at lower costs through the company’s designs –have become mainstays.

During Speed Week, ElectroJet will test its product in Moto-chu 150cc motorcycles with hopes of landing speed records in Bonneville where high performance vehicles race.

“We are hoping to obtain four world records within the class that these motorcycles will be entered,” Schwulst said in a Kettering news article on the university’s Web site.
“It’s not every day a $600 Chinese motorcycle sets land speed records.”

“The system increases the engine efficiency while significantly reducing pollution,” Schwulst also said. “Not only will these motorcycles set land speed records, but they are cleaner than any emissions regulation on the books worldwide.”

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