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ElectroJet designs and manufactures advanced electronic control systems for small engine applications, commonly referred to as “Engine Management Systems” (EMS) or “Electronic Fuel Injection Systems” (EFI). Its systems increase engine performance, reduce exhaust pipe emissions, and improve the overall end-user experience. ElectroJet accomplishes its goals leveraging highly flexible and scalable designs utilizing modern automotive development processes and industry standard development tools.

Common packaging, uncommon performance


  • Emissions Compliance

    ElectroJet works with its customers to leverage our powerful EMS products to meet global emissions regulations, such as EPA Phase III and Euro III/IV. Closed-loop fuel delivery and unparalleled “calibratability” allow our customers to rapidly integrate our products and meet their regulatory requirements without missing a beat.

  • Environmental Adaptability

    ElectroJet products automatically compensate for changes in barometric pressure and ambient air temperature. Whether you are operating your engine in Death Valley or at the zenith of Pike’s Peak, ElectroJet will deliver maximum performance in all conditions.

  • Performance

    Engine torque curves are flattened, fuel economy is improved, and start-ability is enhanced, leveraging ElectroJet’s advance ignition and fuel control features. All of this is accomplished, while meeting your regulatory emissions requirements.

  • Scalability

    Deploy our control systems on any one or two cylinder two or four stroke engine, while providing a uniform calibration experience to your development team. Once you’ve integrated your first ElectroJet product, future integrations are accomplished with increasingly less effort.


ElectroJet Advantage

  • Cost

    ElectroJet control systems are designed with small engines in mind. You won’t find superfluous passenger car features coming along for the ride, increasing cost and complexity.

  • Intellectual Property

    Our IP allows us to manage your engine with fewer sensors with the same performance as traditional engine management systems. Get a cost advantage over your competition by leveraging our innovative technology.

  • Integration

    ElectroJet’s “ECU-on-Throttle-Body” design allows robust application integration, while minimizing wiring complexity.  Since we design the throttle body for each application, we can meet any aesthetic or ruggedization requirements.

  • Collaboration

    It’s important to work together when calibrating our products to perform in your application. ElectroJet’s automotive industry standard approach to calibration ensures engineers on both sides can share measurements and calibration data in a robust and uniform manner.