Electronic Control Units

ElectroJet designs and manufactures electronic control units (ECU) for engine management systems.  Our current production offering is so flexible and scalable that we are able to service our existing customers with a single ECU and software platform.  However, we recognize that there are small engine applications on both the lower and higher ends of the spectrum that would require new ECU platforms to properly service.  Some customers choose to perform initial development activities with our current production ECU, while others opt to have us design an application specific ECU from the beginning.  Whichever path is right for you, rest assured that our ECU software is developed using modern automotive design principles, allowing us to migrate our control features between different hardware platforms with exceptional levels of quality.

Universal Small Engine ECU (USE)

Want to learn more? Click here to download a detailed specification for the USE ECU.

The USE ECU is designed to fit the needs of most one and two cylinder engine applications. Its flexible ECU-on-Lid design allows it to be easily deployed on any mechanical package that supports the appropriate interface. Because small engine applications vary greatly in environmental requirements, we’ve designed the USE ECU to operate in any condition. It can operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +105ºC, altitudes ranging from -100m to +4000m, and submersion and dust environments up to the IP69K standard. Additionally, to ensure the maximum quality and safety to our customers, every electronic component used in the USE ECU is qualified to its appropriate AEC standard, which is a rigorous automotive electronics testing standard.

The USE ECU has so many control features in both hardware and software that we can’t discuss them all here. However, our customers generally find the following list of features the most important:

  • Speed-density air mass estimation
  • Temperature dependent cranking and warmup features for fuel and spark
  • Configurable for closed-loop or open-loop fueling at your discretion
  • For closed-loop systems, configurable for heated and non-heated sensors
  • Idle speed management through spark advance regulation
  • Superior flexibility that supports most flywheel tone ring patterns
  • Easy to migrate between different engine displacements, fuel types, and injectors
  • Rich automotive style diagnostic functions supporting SAE diagnostic trouble codes

The USE ECU was designed to scale to your application. Don’t have a full featured twin cylinder engine application? Don’t worry, the USE ECU can be selectively populated with cost reduced electronic components using the same high quality printed circuit board. Cost reduction options include removal of injection and ignition channels, removal of the integrated barometric pressure sensor, and reduction in microcontroller memory.

In this case, cost reduced does not mean quality reduced. All components are still qualified to the appropriate AEC standard, and they are still suitable for the full environmental specification required by your application.

Software is a new, sometimes boring, subject matter for many of our customers. At ElectroJet we take our software very seriously, so you don’t have to. We have created a unified software platform that allows a single release of software to control motorbike engines, stationary engines, handheld engines, etc. Not only does this increase the quality of our software by limiting the number of unique software platforms being managed, but it makes our customer’s job easier as well.

The control algorithms and parameter names inside the ECU software ultimately drive the parameter names and functions that your calibration team will experience when working with an engine management system from any supplier. Of course, it is not possible for software developed by company A to identically match software developed by company B. As a result, the calibration complexity at your company will largely depend on the number of discrete engine management system suppliers that you choose to manage. Since ElectroJet software can be deployed in any small engine application using the same release of software, your calibration team will have a unified experience regardless of the engine application. This not only reduces time to market, but it also drives smaller more efficient development teams.

Common packaging, uncommon performance


ElectroJet has several packaging options in current production that are well suited for common small engine applications.  Because ElectroJet designs, sources, and final assembles these packages internally, we can deliver higher quality and lower overall cost to our customers. Additionally, since we do the design, it is no trouble to scale an existing package or create a brand new package to meet the needs of your application.  And remember, since all ElectroJet packaging options interface with the USE ECU, you’ll have the same reliable software that you’ve grown accustomed to.

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Connect your engine to the outside world

Diagnostic Tools and Smart Device Accessories

EJT EFI Diagnostic Tool

ElectroJet supports its customers beyond the point of sale. We know you are deploying your products into harsh environments, and you have a requirement to provide strong service and support infrastructure to your customers. As a result, we develop our own diagnostic service software, so we can support your service network from day one. Our software utilizes a USB conversion cable capable of communicating with our ECU, and it allows you to read diagnostic trouble codes stored in our ECU, clear diagnostic trouble codes, and update the software executing in the USE ECU, amongst many other features. Our software is compatible with any device running Windows XP through Windows 8, as long as it has at least one USB 2.0 (or higher) port. This includes mobile devices that are able to run traditional Windows Desktop applications. Some of our customers have legacy diagnostic service software that their service network is already trained in and comfortable with. As a result, the USE ECU supports the two most common diagnostic communication physical layers on the market: ISO9141 (K-Line) and Controller Area

Diagnostics Products

Network (CAN).  Furthermore, our software implements an OBD-compliant communication interface, so it is likely your tool is already compatible with our ECU.  Regardless of your situation, if you have legacy software that you wish to maintain, we will work with you to make this happen.


EJTLink Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Dongle

Sometimes it is desirable to offer the end consumer of the engine product a suite of “connected services” to enrich their experience using the product. ElectroJet is aligned with the recent developments occurring in the connected home arena, and we offer a range of Bluetooth® Smart and Wi-Fi devices that allow our ECU products to interact with a multitude of devices. Imagine giving your customers the ability to start and stop their engines from their smartphone, vital engine performance data to improve their small business operations, or the ability to integrate their engine product with advanced home automation systems. These are a few of the limitless possibilities that can be achieved by integrating ElectroJet engine management products with modern consumer electronic ecosystems. Want to develop your own App leveraging the EJTLink platform? ElectroJet will provide you an API to allow you to interact with a public set of services available in our products. And, since we emphasize Bluetooth® Smart, you will be able to easily integrate your App with all major mobile

WiFi Bluetooth Dongle Technology that fits to our products

and traditional operating systems including: iOS, Android, Windows 8, and OSX without joining costly hardware development consortiums associated with a specific ecosystem.